Al-fraishi Group - Law Firm

Al-fraishi Group Law and Consultancy Firm has extensive experience in the legal field and in the handling of regulatory policies and procedures inside and outside the state of Kuwait. The firm provides a range of services, including legal advice, contracts, and agreements drafting, handling of judicial procedures, and pleading before all courts of the different jurisdictions and levels in the state of Kuwait. The firm as well encompasses a number of lawyers, consultants, and administrators who perform as a team and are constantly pre-occupied with research in order to arrive at innovative solutions, whether legal or administrative, to meet our clients’ aspirations. Our offices are distinguished by their location in the heart of the Kuwaiti capital, next to the Palace of Justice, the Constitutional Court, and the stock market while being in the vicinity of most businesses, a location that enables our esteemed clients to have better and easy access to us.

Al-fraishi Group Law and Consultancy Firm is a professional entity licensed in accordance with the provisions for law practices in the State of Kuwait. Our mission and goal is to assist every rights holder to acquire his lawful entitlements through the swiftest means. Our experience in the legal field stems from our daily involvement and presence at all courts of Kuwait (Palace of Justice in the capital - Riggae Court Complex- Al Jahra Court - Al Ahmadi Court - Hawally Court). Additionally, the firm possesses resources for all the legislation and rulings issued by all courts of different levels and Jurisdictions in all Arab and foreign countries, while simultaneously having entered into professional cooperation agreements with contemporary law firms, both in the Arab and foreign countries, providing a facility of pursuing issues outside the State, and the opportunity to become fully familiar with legislation where laws may be at odds. Our ongoing monitoring of past and recent jurisprudence depicts for us a clear vision when preparing a professional defense plan.

In line with our keenness to best serve our valued clients and the focus of the management on the development of the services of Al-fraishi Group Law and Consultancy Firm, the establishment of three regional branch offices have been approved, in the Arab Republic of Egypt, the Republic of Lebanon and the United Arab Emirates, where the first technical and economic feasibility study for the Egypt branch has been concluded, and the management of Alfraishi Group & Co, have commenced with the steps of establishing Alfraishi Group Law Firm in Cairo, the capital of the Arab Republic of Egypt, in order to attract the most prominent legal and technical expertise that will be a credit to the group and serve its development. The Egypt branch will provide its services to the Egyptian market, in relevance to local and international legal consultancies, as well as the establishment of companies, mediation solutions, local and international arbitration services, in addition to contributing to the operations of the Kuwaiti office while operating under its direct supervision.