Al-fraishi Group - Debt Collection

Al-fraishi Debit Collection Company provides a debt collection service through a group of collectors equipped with an updated database that facilitates their activities through amiable communication with debtors, as well as a selection of lawyers and executors distinguished by their speed of implementation of judicial rulings and keen follow-up. In view of a large number of debtors, whose residency in Kuwait has ended and are residing in other countries, while indebted to our clients in Kuwait. The possibility of collecting debt from a customer outside Kuwait holds higher potential if this matter is entrusted to a professional debt collection company located in the same country as the debtor. Al fraishi Company is related through cooperation arrangements with many of its counterparts in all countries, especially in the Arab Republic of Egypt where it, has Al-fraishi Company as a specialized agent for debt collection, and which has worked to collect the funds of its clients in Kuwait from debtors abroad.