Al-fraishi Group - Real estate Investment

Prior to owning an apartment, villa, chalet or plot of land, Alfa rishi Real estate Investment Company , an Egyptian joint stock company based in Maadi, inquiries about the seller, the property to be bought, the credibility of the project instigators, the extent of their commitment to previously implemented projects, their financial capability to complete the project, whether disputes exist between the sellers and other parties, and review the documents of ownership and contracts that are drafted, while providing adequate advice, follow up of the project schedule and implementation stages, and the extent of conformity of the set and published delivery schedule with the actual executed works. Consequently, the company would provide a comprehensive study that assists in making the proper decision.
 Where we endeavour to provide the best home in as far as the services, and the level of excellence by choosing the best sites, the best engineering designs and most professional execution.

As well, the company owns a diversified real estate portfolio in terms of commercial complexes and investment buildings distinguished in terms of their geographical distribution, in addition to providing the service of evaluating all types of real estate as it is considered as one of the leading companies in real estate appraisal due to its credibility and professionalism that stems from adhering to the professional and technical bases of evaluation.